Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We made it!

We officially ended our trip last night at 10:30pm as we arrived to our home hospital, walking directly to the people that were waiting for our arrival all day. We made it!

They drew labs and cultures ASAP and took care of all that had been 'neglected' to be taken care of while we were in the other facility. I don't think I was ever so happy to be walking into this hospital to be admitted as I was last night! The relief that was lifted from my shoulders was huge.

Wyatt's cultures that were drawn here are still positive. He's receiving a transfusion of red blood cells now and resting. His belly is distended and he's been hurting a lot. The continuous and demand doses of Methadone have been increased and he's been receiving an additional bolus dose as needed on top of it all.

We've had a lot of visitors that we were so happy to see today...I think many are just as relieved as we are that we've made it "home."

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  1. Sooooo glad your home and they are taking care of Wyatt!

  2. I am *so* glad you are "home" and not in that other hospital. I really, really didn't like the sound of how they were treating you...the doctor especially.

    Thinking of your family,

    Cathy in Missouri