Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday- Goodbye PICU

If you're on facebook with me you may have noticed an exciting update that I posted last night. It's true! We were transferred out of the PICU last night and back to our "home" unit, same room even.

Wyatt is doing ok. He had an extended intense pain episode Thursday evening that took a lot out of him. He slept for the majority of the day yesterday and as the day wore on we began noticing "the look," his skin more discolored indicating a rise in bilirubin levels, yet pale with dark gray circles around his eyes. "The look" is never a good thing. I haven't heard yet what his lab values from this morning look like. Though, we finally got a negative culture from his urine and today he ended his round of antibiotics for the initial line infection. Obtaining the approval for Omegaven is in progress and we're waiting. There have been tweaks made with his pain management, an increase of the Dilaudid and Methadone has been added back in to the daily med schedule.

He's just now waking this morning after a restless night, looking tired and telling us that he hurts. We'll see what today brings.

Again, thank you all for the thoughts, prayers and support. We feel incredibly blessed to be surrounded by such loving people.
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