Monday, October 31, 2011

South Dakota.

Last night we set up camp in South Dakota. That's right, my friends...we made it! We have the entire campground to ourselves. It's pretty funny, because who else in their right mind would be camping at the end of  October! The owners of the camp are very nice and have brought the kids a big bag of trick or treat candy. We've watched as deer roamed the camp grounds and the kids had the chance to watch a movie while settling in for the night last night.

I think we're getting the hang of this whole camping idea. Minus the first few nights of mishaps...including the littlest locking us out of the bathroom for 14 hours!

Then there was yesterday morning as Maggie woke vomiting with a 102 temperature, leaving us cleaning up a mess throughout the RV and wiping all that I could with Chlorox wipes. And then turning around to see Wyatt's G-tube draining a sizable amount of blood (a couple hundred ml's in total), which would explain why he had been complaining even more that his belly was hurting badly. We watched him throughout the day and the bleeding tapered off and by evening stopped. Maggie started to feel better that afternoon and now looks as if she's feeling fine. Wyatt's been uncomfortable and his body is struggling to regulate its temperature. He's gone between sweat soaking his hair, clothing and rolling down his cheeks to being covered with numerous blankets complaining of being cold. He can't seem to find a comfortable spot. He's been looking a little rough and it's clear his body is struggling. Though, this morning as he's waking now I do think his coloring is a little better. (!!) He put out a very small amount of bile from his Jtube yesterday for the first time in weeks and a little more bile from his Gtube than we've seen in a long time, as well.

We all enjoyed the afternoon yesterday driving through a place called Bear Country USA looking for and watching all the animals as they would walk right up to the RV.

This morning will be a special day seeing a monument that our boy has been waiting to see. And I'll be sure to have pictures.
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