Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The Make-A-Wish foundation is in the business of granting wishes. This generous organization gives children with life-threatening medical conditions the opportunity to "make a wish." The wish can be anything...meeting a famous person, a special vacation, to be something and/or someone for a day, a newly decorated bedroom, a computer or video gaming system. Each wish unique and special, just like the children who's imagination dreams of them.

If you remember, I mentioned recently that we met with our local Make-A-Wish chapter and Wyatt was given the chance to make his very own wish. Wyatt wished to "go in an RV across the country to see Mount Rushmore, the geyser (Old Faithful) and the Grand Canyon." A BIG wish! And one that proved to be very important to our boy.

At first the wish granting organization was a bit hesitant about Wy's large wish and unsure just how it would be possible. So, we asked Wyatt exactly what was most important about the trip and what he wished to do and/or see the very most. He replied that he wanted to travel in the RV and the one place he wanted to see the most was Mount Rushmore. After narrowing down his wishes, the wish granters started the process of pulling it all together...

and this morning a large RV was delivered to our home. Wyatt smiled as the big RV pulled up in front of our home and began backing into the driveway. Tomorrow the DeStephano's are hitting the open road...we'll begin driving west in search of Mount Rushmore. I guess I should start packing! And don't you worry, I plan to update along the way and share with you our RV'ing adventures (and I'm certain there will be plenty of "adventure" to share. There always is!) Wish us luck and say a few prayers!

Thank you, Make-A-Wish! For granting our son and family this very special wish...thank you!
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  1. Awesome! I am so happy for you all. I hope it is the best trip ever!!

  2. I hope you have the best trip ever! Enjoy every moment :)

  3. Have a great trip, guys! Make sure to stop by "Crazyhorse" in South Dakota! Not too far from Rushmore. Keep us updated on the crazy adventures (but not TOO cray, please).

  4. How awesome!! I am so glad for your family to be able to take this special trip. Have a safe, healthy and wonderful time!!!