Saturday, October 15, 2011

Home sweet home.

 After a lot of phone calls, coordinating deliveries and waiting not so patiently for all the pieces of Wyatt's care to fall into place, we transferred him into his wheelchair and hooked him up to all his home equipment. We then began to walk out of the hospital room, officially bringing this hospital stay to an end. We hugged those that we've become so close with and the nurses cheered for Wyatt as he left the wing of the hospital that we know so well.

The emotions eventually caught up to me as we were leaving the hospital and I was sitting slightly behind Wyatt's wheelchair in our van, watching his monitors and stroking his hair. I was so happy to be bringing my boy home again, but the past month of stress and worry filled my heart at the same moment. Life has changed for our family, a lot.

It could probably go without saying, Wyatt was very happy to be home. Maggie climbed into his bed, snuggled up next to him and stayed there the entire evening. They would whisper back and forth, watching their favorite shows together, at times I even caught glimpses of them holding hands. Jilly was a little more hesitant to climb through the tubes and attachments to get comfy on the other side of her Brother. But was happy to snuggle every chance that she could.

The hospice nurse followed us into our home as we walked through the door. Bryan and I got Wyatt settled and she then hooked him up to his Methadone PCA. We organized paperwork and tried to explain to her what all his attachments were. She didn't stay long, leaving us to a quiet evening alone with our children, all under one roof.

Today was dedicated to organizing and wrapping our mind around Wyatt's new schedule of care. I was on a mission to organize the 5 IV lines that are continously running from his central line, oxygen tubing, pulse ox cords, bipap tubing, G and J tubes, foley bag and the electrical cords that are associated with the equipment the best I possibly could. I think I found a system that works for now. It's hard to determine how he's truly doing today as I expected today to be rough, just from all the change and movement from yesterday. This afternoon we met with another nurse from hospice and again explained all that goes into caring for our son. A phone call was made to the palliative care doctor and the Methadone dosing was slightly increased to accomodate the change in his pain levels. We'll check in with the nurse again tomorrow. But right now he lays nearly asleep in his bed for the night. Tucked in amongst two large, soft, fluffy body pillows and all his stuffed friends.

Thank you all for the thoughts, prayers and support that has been extended toward our family recently. We appreciate you all, please know it means so much to us. 

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  1. I so wish you didn't have to go through all of this, but I'm glad you can be home, and that you have hospice to support you. Praying the adjustment for your family goes as smoothly as possible.