Sunday, October 9, 2011

Friday and Saturday.

Wyatt stayed hooked up to the video EEG through Friday afternoon. Not too long after being unraveled from the gauze and the electrodes removed, someone showed up with his new AFO's (foot/leg braces) and TLSO (back/trunk support). We had ordered these several weeks ago and were waiting for them to be specially made to fit our boy. I helped to hold Wyatt's upper half to try on the TLSO. The employee then left to make adjustments to the pieces and his physical therapist and I watched as Wyatt laid in bed, his coloring changing drastically to a pale dusky color. He began moaning that he hurt so badly. He then closed his eyes and would open them again with his eyes rolled back. We put his bipap machine back on him, noticed he was looking more jaundiced and the nurse began calling the doctors. He was unresponsive for a while and then his respirations began to decrease. He stayed this way for a couple hours, he would try to wake when shaken and his name called, but would only open his eyes for a second before they would begin to roll and close again. His coloring stayed pale. At one time his own respirations stopped completely and the bipap machine (and added oxygen) was doing all the work to keep the air circulating throughout his body. We were all worried, but were in agreement that the events appeared seizure like. As the night shift started for the evening, our favorite resident came by after she heard what was going on. We talked for a bit and then she tried to wake him. He opened his eyes as he would have if he was just taking a short nap and began to answer her questions. He then asked to watch the TV...and we knew he was back. Ever since waking his heart rates are now higher than his usual, the jaundiced more pronounced again (his bilirubin and all the LFT's have been spiking higher since Wednesday's prolonged seizure) and his belly more bloated and tender (again.) After talking it over with the attending doctor yesterday they drew another set of cultures from his lines, a separate from his blood and also one from his urine to see what, if anything, they may find. Something seems to have changed, we just aren't sure what exactly. He did play with the laptop computer for a short while yesterday evening and watched the movie Monster's inc. last night. He just woke for the morning today. We anticipate a relatively quiet day, though you never do know around here.
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