Friday, October 28, 2011

DeStephanos on the move.

Since leaving our home and starting on our trip to the western states of America there has been a lot of fun but some moments that left a little to be desired (though we did expect such times in our trip.) I think I'll save the "bloopers" for a fun post as we return home.

Wyatt's hanging in there with all the driving and movement. We brought along all of his pillows and such to help with positioning and he quickly found a favorite spot in the RV where he lays and is able to see out one of the many large windows. He's hurting and his body is understandably tired. Throughout the night last night I watched and could feel his body experiencing seizure like activity and this morning he woke looking more jaundiced than he already had been. Today we did break out the extra methadone doses that we have on hand for when the pain is particularly intense. Which allowed his body to relax and rest.

The girls are having fun with the freedom that riding in an RV allows. Maggie has been doing a lot of reading and Jilly has been doing a LOT of talking!

At the moment we're preparing to lay our heads upon our pillows and rest our eyes for the night. Tomorrow is another day of driving. But we're getting close!

{Wyatt seeing the inside of the RV for the first time}

{The DeStephanos are on the move.}

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