Thursday, September 22, 2011

An update on the hospital happenings.

I know I owe the good ol' blog a more thorough update on what's been going on here in the hospital. It's been tough to sit down and organize my own thoughts enough to compose a whole post that would make sense to someone other than myself..

Wy is still sleeping this morning and we're sitting in a darkened room lit by the laptop and hallway lights, as the nurses try to navigate around the various machines and lines running from his body.

He's on the right track, I do believe. He slept the majority of the day Tuesday, showing seizure activity all throughout the morning. He then awoke around 1pm for a brief time before spiking another temperature which left him miserably hurting and falling back to sleep. His billirubin levels have continued to rise. We did locate one "bug" that set up camp in his bladder and we're now waiting for specifics of what drug will get rid of it best. Though the antibiotics that he's been on should do the job. Is that all that's going on in his body? We don't know. But it is all that was found, so far. So, the plan up to this point (I haven't heard if today's plan is any different) was to continue on the full round of what was started, antibiotics/antifungals, when we try to get rid of anything else that may be hiding out in there.

We must now also tackle the issue of catheterization and how to move forward. He currently has a foley catheter placed. Though, it sounds like we need to remove it so that we can clear the infection. We're hesitant of going back to intermitently cathing only because it's started the bleeding every time the past few months. And I really don't want to go there agian! The last I heard the docs (urology and Dr. R) were going to hash it out and form a plan. We haven't heard that plan yet...

Yesterday we met with the new palliative care doctor in the hospital and had the opportunity to talk for quite some time about our boy, his history and quality of life. It was a good meeting, tough to get through, but left us with hope that we'll be able to get a better handle on controlling his ongoing pain. She talked about all the options that we're looking at and ways to move forward. We were being completely open and I believe she was, as well, which I whole heartedly appreciated. Our boy's health is not good. And right now we all need him to feel comfortable and have days that he can enjoy. The palliative care doctor asked Wyatt if there was one thing she could do for him, he responded with "go home." The doctor will be looking into a few additional options and we did already start him on one new med last night. I think we'll be seeing her again today to talk a little more.

So, this morning we wait to hear the plans for the day and see what today may bring. Fevers have lowered and are currently gone, which is a good sign.

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  1. You are all held in a community of prayers at the seminary here, Ashley. I can't imagine what you are facing, but I hope and pray that you can feel God's love for you and W and your whole family in the midst of it all.