Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Staying the course.

We've had a few very serious talks with Wyatt's doctors these past couple days and between Bryan and I about the future and our wishes for our son at this point in time. They're the conversations that no person ever wants to have, but are needed at times. It was so very hard to think of the options and consequences that each would or could hold. So very hard! But we made it through, slept on it a bit and woke yesterday morning ready to take on the day. Emotions have leveled out and processed a bit more, the initial shock wearing off. We now have a goal.

Yesterday it was decided that the central line needed to come out. He was getting sicker and not improving, even after giving the amphotericin time to work. The OR schedule was booked, so instead they began planning to take him to the PICU, setting up a makeshift mini OR and would remove the line as soon as they could. But it also came time to decide what kind of line to put in after his central location was removed..several peripherals or a femoral. The safest options, in regards to infection risk, would be placing peripheral IV's. There is a big risk of the fungal infection spreading with the femoral lines. So, it was decided we would try peripheral lines and move to a femoral if we need to. He now has peripheral IV's infusing very harsh medications and fluids through them continously. He already blew one vein last night and needed the IV team to place, we'll see how this goes.

He recovered in the ICU while receiving more blood and a 2nd potassium infusion for the day. After the procedure the ICU doctor told us of her plan to check in with Dr. R to talk about what to do with Wyatt, she didn't feel entirely comfortable sending him back to our usual spot on the floor because, as she said, "he is sicker than a lot of the patients that are in the ICU already." She was wanting to keep him in the ICU, but after some discussion, following his blood and potassium transfusion/infusion, his bed and attachments were rolled back to his room. Wyatt was much more comfortable in his "own" space. We arrived back to the room just in time for a few visitors to show up. He tried his hardest to stay awake for most of their visit and even talked with them a little bit.

His organs within his belly enlarged and crammed together, still squishing all that resides in the space. Making his belly hurt so badly. They increased his morphine through the PCA pump two times yesterday. And there has been talk of trying a different drug today. His heart rate has been staying very elevated (for him), possibly due to the amount of pain that he's having. And last night his body was having a tough time regulating its temperature. He continues to have periods of forceful retching, also.

But, we're "staying the course" and trudging on fighting this nasty infection. He can do this.

As always, thank you all for the thoughts, prayers, love and support. We appreciate each and every one. It means so much to us. Thank you!
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  1. Ugh. Fungus is probably the worst kind of infection. Hoping you see a different kid once that line is out! Praying so hard for you all. If you ever have any questions you know where to find us.

  2. Sending you all our love. Praying for the turn around we all want. See you Saturday.

  3. Praying so very hard for your family.

  4. I wish you didn't need to have any of those conversations. I'm following along and rooting hard for Wyatt! I'm here if you want to talk... sending prayers.