Friday, September 16, 2011


He slept. Hooray for sleep! It wasn't without a few 'hiccups' through the night, but he did sleep some, which we're all thankful for.

He woke this morning more relaxed and calm (or as "calm" as Wyatt will ever be.)

His temp is fluctuating still and he's not feeling back to the baseline that we always strive for, but today he's had times like I captured here. When he's not feeling so bad.

His mischievous smirk has returned. When taking these photos I was encouraging him to sit in his activity chair and play with play dough and matchbox cars (rather than laying sprawled out on the couch). He griped about the idea a bit. I put the tray on and even secured it so that he couldn't push it off and "escape", as he told me he was going to do. He was squirming and determined that he was going to slide his body out from under the tray. That floppy, loose muscle tone comes in handy in such a case, apparently.

I love this kid...the ornery, disagreeable side and all!
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