Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's Sunday.

The day was as we expected yesterday, he slept the majority of the hours. He did wake to visit with a loved one, sat propped up for a short while interacting, before he slumped down into his bed complaining of increased pain. A quick swipe with the thermometer showed that his temperature was up again. Just a little while later he started shaking and the temp climbed a bit higher to 103. As he was shaking, his hands began stiffening/twitching and he started repeating words. He was "with it", yet not really. And the night before as he was spiking his big temperature we saw very similar (if not the same) things and heard the same words repeated...he has no recollection of either of those events. Which makes us think he very possibly could be seizing as he's spiking the temperatures.

His belly has been swollen, hurting him a great deal and more firm than usual. The output from his G and J tubes has greatly decreased the past 3-4 days, which is unusual for him. Usually, he puts out a lot of interesting colored fluids from both the tubes (between 500-1000ml's/day is typical for him anymore). Last night it was decided to do a few xrays looking for clues. And we were told this morning that his liver and spleen are very enlarged and squishing all his intestines, which is probably why we have such a huge decrease in output and explains the swollen, firm belly. The fluids are essentially "stuck" inside him because the area is so squished. That would explain the great deal of pain coming from his belly...between the enlarged organs and the amounts that he typically drains that are not able to flow out.

He's been liking the PCA button and we've seen minor decreases in pain. Not as much as we'd like, but it does seem to be doing something to take the edge off. (We've occassionally gotten a few 8 out of 10's on the pain scale for specific areas of the body, instead of always 10 out of 10. One time there was even a 6 thrown in there for an area.) Though, at times when the pain is really bad he doesn't appear to feel any relief.

Yesterday, before we even started the round of ampho-terrible, he was running a significant temperature. We gave him the toradol and not long after started the pre-medicating process (for the amphotericin) with doses of IV benadryl and Tylenol. The combination of the toradol and tylenol seemed to kick his body into breaking the fever and he began to sweat it out again. Just in time to start the nasty med. He did spike another temp through the night, but this time an hour after the ampho dose was complete. Which could have been what his body was going to do anyway and not related to the ampho, but could also be directly related...there's no way to tell. But overall it was a quieter night than the previous, which I am very thankful for!

This morning he did wake up  He's currently flopped out in bed, staring blankly at the TV and occasionally "resting his eyes" with sleep. He's a ripe shade of yellow/green/orange.

The weekends are pretty quiet in the hospital. We saw Dr. R this morning and will probably see the infectious disease doctor at some point. Right now, Bryan is home picking up a few things and running a couple errands before coming back. This afternoon we're expecting a few visitors, which will be nice. We miss the girls terribly! We've been able to skype with them in the evenings, but we're looking forward to hugging them this afternoon.
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  1. Thinking and praying for you and your family Ashley!