Friday, September 23, 2011


Not long after I posted my update yesterday morning the doctor came to check in. With him came new news, Wyatt's growing a type of fungus in his central line. This is not good news, by any means. But I had a feeling there was more to it than just a bladder infection with the fight that's going on in his body right now. They called in the infectious disease doctors and changed the anti-fungal that he was on. We don't know the actual type of fungus yet, they hope to find that out today.

Despite what the cultures revealed our boy seemed to have an "ok" day, relatively speaking. He's had worse! He was tired and hurting until the later afternoon when he began to perk up a bit, moving his body more and less withdrawn. Come early evening he was hooked up to a PCA pump with morphine. A PCA pump is a little machine that gives Wyatt the ability to control the frequency of his pain medication with the push of a small hand held button, whenever he feels the need. Ah, control. This is something that Wyatt doesn't have much of these days. He has no control over his body, the tubes and machines that he requires to function on a daily basis, hospital visits and him the ability to control his pain on his own terms, when he wants and feels the need, is such a good thing for him. At first he was a little hesitant and seemed almost scared of pushing the button. We explained it thoroughly and reassured him that nothing "bad" was going to happen. There have been times that he forgets that he has this new ability and complains of pain, which we then remind him of his button and reassure him that if he feels he needs to push it he can.

After being hooked up to his PCA we took a little field trip downstairs to attend our monthly Chronically Cool Families group. Wyatt was looking forward to seeing his friends and did very well interacting. Mommy and Daddy enjoyed the adult group, as well! By the time we made it back upstairs and got Wy situated in his bed he began to complain of pain and "being cold." Sure enough, his temperature was once again high. Since starting this round of infections nearly two weeks ago we've seen this, when he sits upright in his wheelchair for an hour or so his temperature will rise and "spike." The doctors haven't been able to give us an explanation for this yet. Currently, he's running a low grade temp, though he's not been sitting up this morning.

So, we will see what today brings. So far we've already talked with Susan, the nurse practitioner in Urology and we'll see the rest of the docs pretty soon.
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