Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bad day. Really bad night.

Yesterday was rough for Wyatt. His pain was increased, his temperature elevated and he was "withdrawn" for a good portion of the day. Just staring, eyes closing to a sleep periodically, growling at us with his moans in response to questions and just feeling lousy. Several brief times watching TV and "resting his eyes," as he likes to tell me as he's falling asleep. It got a bit worse when the urology resident walked in to the room prepared to change his foley catheter. It's important to clear the infection residing in his bladder, I get it, but I felt for my boy. With a nearly 103 temperature and just getting by with enough energy to simply lay in the bed and his body hypersensitive as it was. He worked himself into a frenzy about the catheter change, to say the least. I was at a point that I was able to talk and try to convince him, but I couldn't bear to help hold him down to do this. I know I wasn't the only one in the room hesitant to get it done with how he was feeling. But they did. After that point he laid completely still, staring, unresponsive to most and only slight groans to my questions. Though, I did get a quiet groany "I love you too." He was exhausted, physically and emotionally done for the day.

However, it didn't get easier as the night wore on. He was started on a new drug, amphotericin. I was warned by several before starting the first round that it has the nickname, "ampho-terrible", because of its nasty side effects. That was no joke! As he received the first dose of amphotericin he began to shake all over, painful rigors. His yellowed/green tinted skin turned a shade of grey that I don't believe I've seen him as before. They upped his oxygen by several liters to help. His temperature spiked incredibly fast and the thermometers only read "HI", as in his temperature was too high for the thermometer to read. We (the night nurses, Bryan, and I) think the temporal thermometers stop reading at 107.9, so apparently his body was above that (according to two different temporal thermometers that we were using to make sure of the reading). His axillary temp was a bit lower (but typically not as accurate for him) and they decided to record that in his chart as it was at least a number and not only "HI." He was quietly saying, "I'm so scared" over and over. And was hitting his pain button repeatedly, with very little relief. It was a bad night. His temperature would drop for a short while and then spike and drop again. I anticipate him sleeping much of the day today, while his body tries to recover. And just in time for another dose of  "ampho-terrible" this evening. Please pray that he'll get through it a little easier this time.

He just woke for the first time this morning. Looking rough, as we expected. His coloring now a more prominent shade of yellow/green and laying motionless nearly falling back to sleep. His body needing the rest.
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  1. Praying for you all and especially Wyatt. My heart hurts knowing that he is struggling so much.

  2. I am praying for you guys. Poor Wyatt that sounds so horrible and scary. ((HUGS))