Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Friday he started complaining of an increase of pain and shortly thereafter the bleeding within his bladder started again. We had a 4 day break from the bleeding once we removed the foley cath the previous Monday, after being in place for a full 7 days. We carried out the now usual routine with these circumstances and went on with our weekend, noting color changes and amounts that were draining. Sunday, while shopping at Ikea (love that place!), he began to complain more and his urine was now a darker shade of red. As he began to shake and tell us how cold it was I pulled out the thermometer that I had stashed in my purse. His temp was on the rise and we exited the store as quickly as possible (which is not easy to do in Ikea!) We put our boy to bed, emailed the doc an update and hoped that the temperature would settle as his body rested through the evening. Monday morning was upon us and an email to and quickly from the doc had us awaiting the "ok" to arrive in day med for labs and cultures. It was lunch time and as we were sitting in the waiting area waiting patiently for our name to be called, Wyatt, again, began shaking and complaining of how cold it was. I took his temp just as the nurse called his name and quickly reported to her that his temp was now over 102 degrees. After a few phone calls and the paperwork signed he once again had himself a bed up on our cozy wing of the children's hospital.

His bloodwork is signaling that he's battling another line infection, though we're still waiting on the cultures to come back confirming or disproving the thought. The fever is holding on and he has his "sick look". Another foley catheter is in place and the bleeding has nearly stopped. A plan is in the works for a cathing solution as we just can't keep going back and forth with this situation. Two options are being thrown about, one doc preferring to leave a foley cath in place all the time and the other preferring to try the surgical route, more specifically the mitrofanoff procedure. But at this moment, now that the bleeding is under control with the foley cath in place, the focus is placed on the "sick" portion of this hospitalization. We need to identify and tackle that part before moving forward with any other plan.
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