Monday, August 22, 2011


We arrived this morning, ready to figure out the mystery that is our boy's extremely bloody urine. He had the docs a hoppin' and coming up with the best plan of action before proceeding with the scheduled procedure. Fairly quickly it was decided that he needed blood, platelets and FFP. His coags (blood clotting abilities) were not ideal, in fact we were told they're "way off". His hemoglobin and platelets both low, as well.

Once the blood products were ordered and started we were able to move forward with the original plan...they did find that there was a very small area in his bladder that was irritated and bleeding. In anyone else, such an area wouldn't have led to the amount of blood he was losing, but when coupled with his body's inability to clot it makes for a very different situation. The good news, though, is the area at fault was cauterized and the bleeding has appeared to have stopped.

However, after the procedure we were escorted back up to "our" wing of the hospital yet again. We're now camping out here for the time being...hopefully not for too long!
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  1. I'm so glad that they have found the source of his bloody urine! Praying that you won't have to stay at the hospital very long. Tell Wyatt that this blogger says HI!