Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oh, this crazy life.

I suppose I should first start off by saying that we did make it home this week, with another round of antibiotics ordered. The week has been a bit chaotic and I've been meaning to share several times now, but I just was unable to find the time. This may be brief, but know it's with all the energy that I have left this evneing. We initially made it home only to be emailing and returning the following day for an "emergent" ultrasound and appointment with the urologist. The boy's urine is once again blood filled. Thick, red blood and plenty of it. Not good! So, we trekked back to the hospital with 3 very disappointed children. We had previously planned to make a quick trip to the beach that day, a last minute getaway. We all were looking forward to it and were so pleased to be out of the hospital in time to enjoy a little fun. But I suppose it just wasn't meant to be. By the time we arrived home from the hospital (again), we were just happy to be returning to our own beds for the evening.

Today brought about more concern. His temperature rising, a terrible increase of pain and a miserable, miserable boy. I felt as if I was emailing back and forth with doctors/nurses and/or talking with them on the phone continously. Just waiting for the moment that we needed to travel back...but he somehow escaped that path for the time being. I gave him meds to help with the the pain which in turn made him vomit and retch. But eventually, as they did begin to take effect his temp dropped a few points and pain decreased just a couple numbers on the pain scale, as well. I'll take matter how minute it may seem, it counts! We made the decision to place a catheter and leave it in place, allowing his bladder to drain continously. For whatever the reason (the urologist wasn't able to tell us why) he's considerably more comfortable this way, and that's very important! Wyatt's been placed on the OR schedule for Monday to check out that urological system of his and see if they can find a reason for the continous bleeding. Tomorrow brings us back to the hospital for a pre-op appointment and more blood work.

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  1. I am so sorry the pain/bleeding cycle continues. He really needs to catch a break, as do you all. When O was at her worst retention wise, the catheter changed her behavior 180 degrees. SO to me, it does make sense, in non-sensicle king of way. I hope they can find a treatable solution to this issue. Hang in there momma!!

  2. I will be praying for an answer to this problem Wyatt is having. And for happier and pain free days ahead!