Wednesday, August 24, 2011 does a body good.

After being pumped full of blood products, his urine looking a particularly beautiful shade of clear yellow (Add that to the list of things I never thought I'd say! After seeing various shades of red flowing from the boy for over a week...yellow pee was indeed beautiful!), his lips plump and extremities warm to the touch (and pink!) we were able to leave the hospital yesterday afternoon.

After some go round about the boy needing/not needing blood on Monday and us sitting in the middle trusting that these medical professionals do indeed know what their doing, one doctor decided he couldn't move forward without getting the clotting issues in check. The lab results that were getting the most attention were his low hemoglobin and platelets, in addition to the PT/PTT showing a prolonged clotting time. I believe the biggest concern was the PTT showing the increased clotting time in addition to his platelets being low, also affecting the body's ability to clot. His hemoglobin was sitting on that fine line of certainly low, but technically one or two points over the line of absolutely needing to transfuse. These issues are not new to us or Wyatt's medical chart. You may remember he's had a few periods of bleeding and/or clotting issues that required interventions within this last year. His liver disease being the initial blame for the first times, later infection taking the hot seat and this one we didn't exactly get an explanation for (yet).

What I do know is the boy is feeling really good since receiving the transfusions! He's happy, engaged and motivated. Since receiving the blood products we have had not one complaint of a headache, which for those who know Wyatt know all too well that's one of his biggest complaints of pain when his body is struggling. It's been difficult to get his head pain under control for quite some time now...until yesterday. He's holding on to the complaint of belly pain and he's annoyed with the tape on his thigh that's holding the foley catheter to his leg, but that seems more minor to how he had been feeling. His mood has been pleasant and relaxed. He's now actually warm (not continuously covering himself with blankets), even down to his hands and feet! And one of the biggest things, I think, is he's sleeping a few hours less and he's wanting to move. He asked this morning to go outside to play. (!!) And that we did, in the backyard he walked through the grass with his walker and played with the girls for at least 30 minutes until he was asking to come in to rest. The change in him is great. We haven't seen this side of our boy in quite a while...weeks, possibly even months! Waking up happy, more comfortable than he has been in quite some time, talkative and with energy makes for a very good day in our home.

* I didn't have my camera nearby, but had to snap a few pics with my phone to show off this great morning!

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  1. Hooray for Blood! He is definitely looking more chipper than he was!