Thursday, August 11, 2011


It's August already, can you believe it?! The school year will be starting in just a few weeks and we'll be thrown into the chaos that comes with catching the bus every morning and adjusting schedules once again. I don't know if I'm prepared to put the littlest on that large, yellow bus and not see her for an entire day for 2-3 times a week. I'm going to miss these more relaxed summer days with my favorite trio!

Our school district switched up their kindergarten program this year. Instead of the well known half day/every day schedule or even the up and coming full day/every day trend, this district decided there was a need to throw a third option into the mix, full days but only 2-3 days a week. Two full days with an alternating third day. To add a bit more to the new system, there are also two groups. Group 1 will attend Monday and Thursday, with alternating Wednesdays. Group 2 will attend Tuesday and Friday with alternating Wednesdays. Then there is the group of parents that agreed to transport their children every day (the mid day busing budget was cut, apparently) for the half day program and the other group of children that will attend full day every day, when needed. I'll be the first to agree that options are appealing, but holy holy! I can't imagine all these different schedules making it easy for the teachers, not to mention us parents trying to figure out what days to send our children. Just imagine a morning that we're scurrying around the house trying to healthily feed and appropriately clothe the students, while making certain that the correct library books and homework is in their backpacks as the bus is pulling up to the front of our home....and now trying to determine if this is a day that #3 should be getting on the bus or not. No pressure!

Our big girl is looking forward to seeing her friends on a daily basis and settling in to another year of school. And the middle man is eager to see his Cub Scout den regularly, once again. And as soon as I figure out the days that she's supposed to be there, the littlest will be ready for Kindergarten too!

We've been laying low these days, enjoying our time together. "Family time", something that can be so simple, yet so significant! Since my last post, our boy has been teetering between a slightly yellow and a clearly yellow coloring. The shades of color seem to vary depending on the day. And how his body is feeling fluctuates just as much. He has moments that he's motivated to move about and play for a short while. But he enjoys most snuggling up next to one of us and watching movies or playing a game. The Xpanda "activity chair" that I previously posted about has been a great addition into our home! The support that he gets from the harness system helps to sit those floppy, noodley muscles upright for longer than he can sustain himself these days. The tilt and recline options help to position his body, taking pressure off of areas that are hurting and/or helping to support areas that may be fatiguing and becoming a bit of a struggle to hold upright. The tray is large enough that he has plenty of room to load it up with toys and other activities. The other day he asked that I sit his Tech deck ramp and skateboards on it for him to play with. I was doubting that it would fit, but he was right, it most certainly did. And he didn't hesitate to tell me, with a smile, that he knew it would.

At this point in time, we're soaking up the dwindling summer days and packing in last minute summer fun, while beginning to gather the needed supplies (x 3) for the impending school year. The summer is flying by!
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  1. We started back to school last week! I feel like we didn't have a summer. Our Kindergarten start full days tomorrow. I wish we had options for K but our school system doesn't. The school I work for is a Title 1 school which means most of our kids are on free and reduced lunch. I know what you mean about school supplies too! I just finished kids lists. My youngest had to have a $100 calculator! I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!