Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wishing For the Magic Answer.

This weekend Maggie came home from her week at camp. It seems she enjoyed every minute of her week! She's been enthusiastically sharing the details as she remembers them. It's been so fun hearing about each activity, person and experience she encountered throughout the time she was there!

Wyatt has been struggling. His back has been giving us a lot of trouble. Well, truthfully, it's now the entire "core" of his body, front and back. Touching him causes him to grimace in pain and gasp. We've been exchanging emails a lot with Dr. R and trying all that we can come up with. I really don't know what to do! The pain meds and muscle relaxers initially take the edge off the pain, which helps him to feel well enough to get up and do something for a short while, but the extra activity then leaves him crying for hours at times and finished for the rest of the day/evening, wincing and gasping every time he moves. The medicines effect wears off well before the time that we can give him more, which leaves him laying in a puddle of tears and great pain. I wish I knew why his muscles are reacting like this. These spasms are intense and so painful. His body twists and tries to move in directions to help release the tension within the muscles that are contracting tightly, but with little help.

He feels best after a restful sleep, when his muscles have the most strength and "energy"...as his core muscles begin to work to hold his small frame they start to spasm and cause the most instense pain. Like I relayed to Dr. R, his legs and arms have always reacted in the same way. There has been no doctor to really explain why...it's just something Wyatt's body has always done. The pain that comes with this has long been a source of frustration for me. We've always been told there is nothing we can do. Now, of course, with his extremities he could more easily rest by not using them, but the core muscles are always working to support ones body. And this pain is more severe than that which happens in other areas of his body. So, what do we do?! I don't know. I wish I had the magic answer.

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