Tuesday, July 12, 2011


We don't live too terribly far from our family, though it's a distance that can be a bit tricky when toting the amount of medical supplies that we must have on hand when away from our home. Unfortunately, we don't see our loved ones as often as we'd like. The reminiscence of my childhood days living next door to my grandparents and Aunt, Uncle and cousins is a pleasant one. Playing with those cousins and visiting each others' homes every day. A lot of our time spent at my Grandparents, outside. Swinging on the swing set, riding bikes through the large fields and around in circles on the black topped driveway, often playing games of hide and seek, tag, basketball, wiffle and kick ball. Picking fruit from my Grandfather's fruit trees and setting up small, makeshift fruit stands just at the end of their driveway, selling the juicy fruit that was in season at the time. Coming inside for drinks of juice and to snack on the hard pretzels that were always tucked inside a large glass jar sitting on the counter.

This weekend we made a point to go "home" and visit. My Brother and his own family now living in the home that we grew up in, originally owned by our great Grandparents and passed down through the family. Still sitting beside my Aunt and Uncle's property, though two of the three cousins have since grown, moved away and now have families of their own. And the youngest away attending college through the school year. My Grandfather living just next door, in the home that he built with his own hands many, many years ago. When I look up to the fields I can still picture my Grandfather driving his large, red farm tractors as we swing on the swing set smiling and waving to him.

The fruit trees now old with knots and large, solid branches...if trees could talk, I'd love to hear the stories those trees could tell. Plums, apples, pears...each year us kids would be playing outside when my grandfather would holler to us to start picking the fruit and "get to work!' My grandfather was a hard working man. He was tough and firm, but underneath the rough exterior was a soft heart.

Now, as I return "home" the surroundings look a bit different. The home is updated and remodeled. The fields now filled with vegetable crops and chicken coops. The drive way where we played now cracked and weathered. My Brother's large, green tractor sitting nearby. Our own children now swinging on the swing set, learning to ride their bikes through the fields, climbing the fruit trees and playing with each other. It's now changed, but it still feels like home. :-)

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