Sunday, July 24, 2011

Celebrations in Room 1.

The Birthday boy awoke with smiles yesterday morning, gazing around at his decorated room. At the end of the day I asked if he had a good day and he responded, "I didn't think it would be very fun, but it was!" It may not have been what was planned, but we made the best of it.

Friday afternoon the grandparents and the girls took the previously planned trip to Baltimore to pick up the boy's birthday cake from Charm City Cakes bakery. As Wyatt's diet became more and more limited to the point we're at now (nothing) his interest in shows about food, cake in particular, heightened. He enjoys spending the afternoon watching the shows that feature bakeries and large amounts of cake...Ace of Cakes, cake Challenges, Cake Boss, Cupcake Wars, etc. Months and Months ago he asked for a cake from Charm City Cakes and was really looking forward to visiting the bakery. Having the opportunity to look around the bakery and meet the people who he so intently watches from our living room. Unfortunately, it just wasn't meant to be and instead we were located right here in room 1. But we left the decision up to him if he still wanted the cake for his birthday or if we should postpone the order until he was feeling up to visiting the bakery himself ; his decision being that he wanted the cake on his Birthday. Just a few minutes past 5pm I received a picture in a text message from Grandma, a photo of the Charm City Cakes crew with hands waving, our girls sitting with them. So sweet! The group couldn't have been more kind, from what I'm told. And the cake was delicious! Wyatt had a small lick and nearly melted back into his bed with an audible "Mmmmmm," making this special day that much sweeter.

The day was full of visitors, smiles and presents. The first group of party goers arriving in the morning and the second late in the afternoon, spaced far enough apart for a good nap (for one of us). Wyatt opened presents, smiled, laughed and made a wish as he blew out the candle on top of the cake...exactly what a birthday should include.

He was feeling fairly well yesterday and the same today. He's a bit tired and still has pain that is being taken care of with a particular medication. But when that's in check, he seems, dare I say it, even kinda perky. And the best birthday present of all, the cultures taken from his line have been negative! The appropriate antibiotics are being given and everything is under control. His Billirubin level has decreased a bit too, which we can visibly see. We've been adjusting to the cathing process and realizing the degree of his needs. It's never easy to add another area of concern in to the mix. But he's verbalized how much better it makes him feel, which really helps to hear. I think we still have some things to sort through with that area, but we're on the right path to getting it all figured out.

For now, we're planning on a quiet evening. Wy is snuggled in bed, resting and watching TV, while Bryan is relaying the daily report of events to Grandma on the phone. And we're all looking forward to being home again soon!
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  1. Tell Wyatt that one of his blog followers loves those cake shows too! I am so glad that he felt pretty good on his Birthday. And I am so glad that cathing is helping him to have some relief. He deserves it!

  2. I am so happy he is feeling a bit better and was able to enjoy his birthday, even in room 1. An empty bladder sure makes for a much happier girl in our household too. One doctor said that most kids don't realize how miserable they were until they no longer are dealing with the stretching/spasms anymore. I wish we could have cathed but the vesicostomy has been a great thing for O. Happy birthday Wyatt!!