Monday, June 6, 2011

Turning it around.

This boy of mine is awesome! He had a fabulous day today, ending with a visit from his friend Miss L (child life specialist)...smiling and laughing together. It was just what he needed. At one point he was laughing so hard that he began snorting! It was amazing for this Mommy's heart to hear the sound of this child laughing. Such a special fella. Bravery that goes for miles, strength that exceeds all understanding, a power from above that keeps him smiling.

This last week was a bit stressful. At times scary, worrisome and chaotic. Seeing the thermometer read 107.4 degrees was certainly concerning, but watching my child continuously bleed in excessive amounts from various areas of his small body and hearing his pain filled cries were bone chillingly frightening.

But today he has been fever free. Yesterday's culture is still negative, so it appears we may have a handle on the bug that wreaked havoc on his system. He does have some residual issues that now need addressed as a result of the stress that the infection imposed on his body. But I'm focusing on the "doing better" part in this post. He turned it around and is moving in the right direction. And for that we are so, so very thankful!
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  1. yayyy, it does my heart good to read this! Way to go Wyatt!

  2. SO GOOD to read your update. What a difference a few days make! Glad he is fever free and hopefully going home soon. HUgs and always prayers for your boy-
    Heidi & Jack