Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Camp.

Sunday we dropped our big girl off at her residence for the week...camp! She chose equestrian camp this year. She's taken riding lessons and loves horses. She was excited to be "on her own" for the week, but was a bit anxious as the time to drop her off came closer and closer. Making sure that we promised to tell her if Wyatt should need to go back to the hospital while she was gone. She may not admit it openly often, and certainly not to her little brother, but she worries.

When we arrived she was all smiles and appeared to be feeling more excited than any other emotion. She was given the number to her cabin and we trekked up the stone filled path to the rustic, red building with the number 11 on the outside. It was small and just as you would imagine a campers cabin to look like. As you open the wooden screened door, the sticky, stale air inside smells of summer camp. Several wobbly, metal bunks with stripped down mattresses were located inside, ready and waiting for the new campers this week. 

We were greeted by the young, eager counselor that would become the role model for these four younger bunk mates that were bound to make lasting memories through their week together. She told us of the daily schedules...horseback riding, time at the stables, swimming, crafts, campfires, singing, the "polar bear swim" at dawn. It certainly sounded as if a fun filled week was just beginning. I can't wait to hear all about it!

And on another note: last week Wyatt began complaining of pain in his back. After surveying the area and not noticing anything on the surface, I didn't think too much about it, hoping it would go away. Though, as evening came he was complaining more and it was clearly very bothersome to him. After exchanging several emails with Dr. R and Wyatt waking the next morning to the consistent pain, we decided to go in for an ultrasound. Following the scan and some miscommunication with the incredibly unhelpful ultrasound tech, we left the hospital and exchanged emails with Dr. R once again. We were unsure what was causing the pain...yes, his organs are enlarged and not as they're supposed to be, but they've been this way for quite a bit longer than this pain has been around. And it wouldn't explain the sudden onset. We continued on with the weekend preparing Maggie for camp, not knowing what to think or do about this new indistinguishable problem. His pain meds offered little relief and he was an irritable, emotional mess of a kid. He experiences pain daily to start with and adding additional uncontrollable pain on top of his typical was too much to handle, for any of us. Come Sunday touching his back caused him to pull away and grimace. And by the evening his back was significantly swollen, particularly the entire length of his spine and creating a large swollen "dimple" at the base. The swelling and pain fanning outward from the spine to both sides. He was in tears to stand so that I could take pictures to email to the doctor. We sent several pics and a description of what we were seeing and hearing complaints of. Dr. R emailed back early the following morning and we were in his office come afternoon. Wyatt's paraspinal muscles are inflamed and spasmed the length of his spine, the thought being that it's due to the increased muscle weakness since his recent infection. We're needing to think more about, and work on, correct positioning for his body with his current needs. We left Dr. R's office with scripts for more medications, one in particular to relax his muscles that are raging at the moment.
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  1. Oh, I remember going to camp like that for the week. It was so wonderful and so scary to be away like that and free like that for the week! She must be having so much fun - Equestrian camp looks like a BLAST!