Friday, June 3, 2011


Last night didn't quite go as well as we would have hoped, but I suppose it could have gone worse. We did get some rest initially, though come the middle of the night Wyatt's temperature had reached 107 degrees. And you can just imagine how he was looking. His vitals all over the map and his skin greatly discolored. He was quietly grunting with each breath that he took. After a few medicines were administered and interventions carried out in an effort to cool his body, with time the temperature did begin slowly dropping. Which was good in and of itself, but he then began to seize (again). A continous on and off pattern for awhile. We were able to talk with Dr. R this morning and go over all that has been happening. He contacted the neurologist and they'll be hooking him up to an extended video EEG to look at what those brain waves are actually doing in that perfectly packaged little head of his. Though, at this point in time I would be just fine if he decided not to 'perform' for the EEG....I've had my fill of seizure witnessing. I don't need to see anymore, thankyouverymuch. Out of all the diagnoses and issues that Wyatt deals with, which is certainly plentiful, the seizures are the one issue that I dislike the most. They can be so unpredictable and now we know just how unrelenting they can be. There is a drug of choice that could be used to stop a seizure, however Wyatt's had an adverse reaction to it once before, which throws that medication off the list of possibilities for him. Other than fever and seizures his labs have been also showing signs that his body is struggling to keep up...causing changes to be made to his TPN and daily regimen of interventions. His pain is great, but (thankfully) morphine does take the edge off enough that he'll interact a bit and stare blankly at the TV (instead of laying with his eyes closed and moaning, which he had been doing.) He's currently unable to move from his bed due to weakness and pain. And he has lost the ability to control bodily functions, which bothers him a lot. But he did flash me a 'Wyatt smirk' so I know my boy is still in there.
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  1. stay strong mama! prayers sent your way!

  2. Praying for Wyatt!!!! What is the bug in the line?

  3. @ Jessica- It's gram positive, staph.

    Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers...they are very appreciated!

  4. You and your family definitely have my prayers! Hang in there, and I'm here for you!


  5. Wow Ashley! I can't imagine what your family is going through. Stay strong. I am praying for you all.