Friday, May 6, 2011

Tying up loose ends.

Wyatt had his double lumen Broviac placed yesterday. Overall, he did well with the procedure. He's understandably stiff and a bit sore. But he's happy it's in and his arm is now free from the PICC line and sticky dressing that has been tearing up his skin.

While he was in the operating room we took his wheelchair down to the seating clinic for a few modifications. He now has an oxygen holder on the side of his chair and once we got home we put his new hangers/footplates on, which allows him more growing room for those long legs.

Dr. R decided to make his own arrangements for the procedure (unlike Dr. M's plans) and allowed us to come home later in the afternoon. We took it upon ourselves to run for the door once he was stable, our training was complete and I signed those discharging papers.

Wyatt arrived home to his electrically controlled multi-positional hospital bed. He's very happy with it and gave it a good test last night. He says it's very comfortable and enjoys giving the girls "rides" on his new bed.

We're now trying to tie up all the loose medical ends and working on packing for our trip to Disney World. We could use a little Disney magic!
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  1. Wow... this is my first time here to your blog and am looking around to learn more about and your family. Glad to hear that the procedure went well. I am sure that some Disney magic would do you all some good!! Have a great Mother's Day!

  2. Ash~ Happy Mother's Day! This is my first time visiting but as I read a little more about your family I am overwhelmed by the challenges your family has and still is facing. Your love for your children is evident and I know you wouldn't change them in any way! I'll be praying for you and your family. I hope you all have a wonderful time in Disney!

    I came by from comment love day:)

  3. Hi there, I just found your blog at FTLOB. Very interesting reading about your son and what you are dealing with. I'm glad the surgery went well, and that he is doing so well with the oxygene. He is one beautiful child!