Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our favorites.

There was so much that happened in the week that we were gone that I wish to tell you about. But I can't possibly go through each and every detail of the memorable times that we had. And while I have pictures of a lot of those moments, it's just not feasible to share them all. So, I picked out a lot of our favorite pictures and moments to share and then whittled it down to only a few.

I'm not sure that I have ever mentioned just how much our boy loves Disney World. Don't get me wrong, the girls enjoy it thoroughly too, but Wyatt has a bit (and that's putting it lightly) of an obsession with amusement parks, Disney World in particular. The characters, parades and atmosphere. He loves the thought of roller coasters and thrilling attractions that make people scream in terror and delight simultaneously. Watching and feeling as if he's experiencing the thrill himself through the free promotional vacation DVDs repeatedly, each and every year. Telling us all of each exciting feature of the numerous Disney parks, new and not-so-new. I don't believe there is a number large enough to recall just how many times I've heard about Disney World or watched the DVDs while snuggled up with my boy. And the small video snippets on the website, those are not to be forgotten! I'd be lying if I said there wasn't times that it didn't drive me crazy, and times that for the sake of my own sanity I must tell him "not now." I'm not sure where exactly the intense interest and fascination came from or the how and why, but I wonder if submerging himself in the world of Disney is a temporary transport away from the medically intense life that his small body requires. Whatever the reason may be, the look of excitement and awe that fills his face while just watching the DVDs is so pure. So, you can imagine what planning a trip to this place is like for us. It magnifies his interest by hundreds and he talks about the place non-stop....what he wants to see, what he wants to do, what he wants to ride and what he most certainly does not. He told many prior to our leaving that during this trip he was going to "face my fears" and ride a few of the "bigger" rides like: Splash Mountain, The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster and Test Track. And he did, with the exception of The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I believe he got his fill of thrill with Splash Mountain and a double ride of Test track that there just wasn't enough "umph" left for the railroad coaster too. But he rode the others...screaming during and smiling when it was over. Each and every cherished interaction and/or treasured moment that we experienced was that much more special to him. He dreams of these things.

There is no denying, Cinderella's Castle at the Magic Kingdom is magical in and of itself. Its large majestic size and beautiful features as if it was plucked from the pages of the fairytale. Jilly was particularly amazed with the castle. A castle fit for a princess, I suppose. And a princess she is.

Monday afternoon there was extensive napping to be had in room 4295...boy, were these children worn out! Sleep they certainly did, but in great timing. 

After their restful naps we then were able to spend the entire evening at Magic Kingdom. Showing up just in time for the greatly anticipated Main Street Electrical Parade. After entering the park and walking through Main Street with multiple rows of people lined on both sides of the planned route, we were a little unsure that we'd be able to view the parade as we had hoped. Though, just minutes before the event began we were ushered into a perfectly roped off seating area marked "reserved." We sat on white benches next to Cinderella's castle enjoying the sights and sounds of the event. It was a perfect spot and we felt so grateful to be able to experience the parade in such a setting. Wyatt sat beside me in his wheelchair and Jilly on the ground next to him. The moment so sweet as I watch them both wave enthusiastically at each of the characters parading by us, yelling back and forth to each other making sure the other saw who was coming and sharing details that were seen. Pure excitement displayed in their smiles and complete innocence seen in their eyes. Maggie sat just slightly behind us with Bryan and enjoyed the parade just as much as the excitable younger duo, but in the "I'm the big kid" kind of way.

Following the parade was the fireworks showing. Could the night get any better, I wondered.

But it did. We stayed in the Magic Kingdom for the extra "Magic Hours" thats given only to those who stay in the Disney resorts. It was very hot while we were in the south and we tried to limit our daytime activities for everyones comfort, but mainly due to Wyatt's temperature instability. We planned things more in the evenings as the temperatures began cooling for the day. The extra Magic Hours that were offered were perfect for such a thing...not to mention the park was much less crowded in the late hours of evening (and wee hours of the morning). We were able to ride and/or see all the "must sees" on our lists and survived the extended fun in the park, leaving the Magic Kingdom with smiles on our faces and jammin' to "It's a small world after all..." in our heads.

Yes, we stayed in the park until roughly 2am. Certainly, we wouldn't have been able to accomplish this without the 4 hour nap that the kids took earlier in the evening! We were soaking it all in, so much so that this particular evening is one of the kids' favorites of our trip. It's not every day when you can revel in the Magic that is Disney until such early morning hours!

During the week we bumped into and/or found many characters. (Imagine that!) Each of the kids enjoyed meeting and 'collecting' the characters' autographs in their special books throughout our stay.

All of the characters spent a little extra time lavishing our trio in hugs and kisses, involving them in silly antics and giggling together. During one of the parades Wyatt was taken by the hand and included in the parade with a new found friend, Jessie. They walked together hand in hand, dancing and waving at the other park visitors. It became clear that Jessie now holds a special place in Wyatt's heart. That evening our sweet boy told me that there may be one person at Disney World that he might marry...

On this same day we had reservations for the Harmony Barber shop on Main Street. It's a small shop hidden in the corner giving haircuts and styles for all ages...making the day a little more to celebrate with newly cut brightly colored confetti covered locks.

On Thursday we spent the afternoon and evening hours at The Hollywood Studios. Wyatt had been looking forward to seeing the "Lights, Motor, Action" extreme stunt show. We were slightly rushed going into the stadium, but the show proved to be worth it, providing stunts that make one gasp. Toward the end of the show one of the employees approached the section of the stadium that we were seated in searching for "a Wyatt." Our Wyatt cautiously looked up at me and started to blush as he raised his hand and the cast member proceeded to approach us, presenting the boy with an honorary stunt driver certificate. He was loving it! After the show had concluded and we were allowing the large, pushy mob of a crowd to clear out of the stadium before leaving ourselves, we were instructed to rush around the stadium and come to the end of the stunt set, where the kids could meet one of the stunt car drivers. We all hurried ourselves around to meet a very nice man decked out in stunt man racing gear and armed with a smile. He signed the autograph books, posed for a picture and then asked if we would like to take a 'backstage' tour. Wyatt shook his head to say yes as a shy smile began to grow on his face. The "stunt man" proceeded to show us all the different vehicles, how they're made differently, the pyrotechnics, the set and all the tricks that make the show what it is.

Let me tell ya, this 8 year old boy was feeling as if he was on top of the World...he's awarded this moment one of his very favorites.

It doesn't appear that our children have a favorite Disney park, though they did leave with favorite memories. Memories that I hope will last a lifetime.


As I said, these are just a few of the very favorite moments of the was indeed a magical, memorable time. This week has been brutal returning to the daily schedules and routines, wether we were ready or not. And next week is now full of appointments, as well. We're baa-aack!

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  1. Visiting from comment Sunday. your trip looks incredible. I loved all of the pictures and than you for sharing! And by the way, now I want to go and stay in the park so I can enjoy Disney until 2 a.m. Totally awesome.