Saturday, April 23, 2011

A change of roles.

On Thursday, the day of Bryan and my 10th anniversary, the littles and I visited school first thing in the morning for a fun, albeit wet, math class. Initially the teacher stood in front of the classroom teaching volume measurement with words, large bowls of water sitting in the middle of the coupled desks with containers of varying sizes nearby. Most of the children listening intently, except for the few in the back who were unable to contain the urge to chatter in their excitement. The teacher then let the herd loose to experiment, with instructions to transfer water to and from the differently sized containers. To compare and contrast. Smiles and laughter covering the room as the children learned through play.

Following our visit to the 2nd grade classroom we were on our way to the hospital. This year we had an appointment, unlike last year on this day, when the boy was admitted for the start of a month long stay. We had in hand our list of newly seen issues that have presented themselves since our appointment last month, scattered on the top sheet of paper in the notebook that accompanies us to most appointments anymore. Dr. R walked in just as Wy's vitals were being taken...he watched briefly and then proceeded to the assigned room.

This time to start off the appointment our boy came armed with his own pad of paper with questions for the doctor. A role reversal. Wyatt's doing a project for school which involves interviewing a select few to write a condensed biography about. He chose this doctor as one of his subjects. Out of all the doctors that Wyatt sees on a somewhat regular basis, Dr. R is the one that Wyatt seems to interact with the most. He's not willing to divulge all information when asked or chat the doctor up as if he was excited to be there, but he does talk to him more than has been seen before and has told us that he's his favorite. So, our boy fired off his own questions waiting eagerly for the doctors responses. Thankfully, the doctor seemed happy to participate. Though, not finished with the assignment until I was able to take a picture of him and his doctor side by side...silly faces required.

I have to say, I really love that the doctor didn't balk at the idea, instead he was engaged and constructed his best "silly face" for the camera. I'm not sure many of the others would have done the same for our boy.


Within the medical appointment we also discussed each of those pesky issues on our list...the need for more permanent central access, heart rate variances and inconsistencies, retaining and "dumping" fluids regularly, the periods of labored and distressed breathing, increased bacteria in the gut even during a round of treatment, drainage from the G and J tube, medications not being absorbed. It wasn't a real short and sweet list. It rarely is anymore. But after all was discussed we then talked about an important upcoming trip that we have planned. We had this trip originally planned for the past winter holiday season, directly after Christmas and over the New year celebration, but had to reschedule due to the medical whirlwind that we were swept up in at the time. It was disappointing to postpone, but it just wasn't the right time. We've now rescheduled the family fun and in a short couple of weeks will be on our way to Disney World. The kids are thrilled and counting down the days, but prior to our departure we have a great deal to organize and get in place to keep this boy on the right path while we're away. 

(And as you may have noticed the boy now has trendy new specs.)

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