Thursday, March 17, 2011

Slightly more medical.

Still enjoying the change of seasons. But our medical free zone that we were swimming in has been slightly more medical than free. Nothing overly dramatic, but smaller issues here and there requiring attention.

We've been working and trying to keep our boy hydrated appropriately. It's a tricky thing these days, which requires communication between many. They've changed the formulation of his TPN and added a significant amount of hydration, in addition to the 500ml saline bolus that he receives daily. We're hoping these new changes will help us find that intricate balance that his body is seeking.

Meds for bacterial overgrowth have been started, yet again.

We've also been noticing small clots of blood emerging from the g-tube drainage, which is a bit perplexing. It's not a lot and once it starts it does eventually stop, but enough to notice and wonder where it's coming from exactly. If you remember, we've seen this before and not that long ago. Which may be why we're not more concerned just yet....been there, done that. For now we're watching and did inform the doctor of this new development today at our appointment. His lips are bleeding more, as well. Which makes us wonder how those pesky clotting factor numbers are looking right about now....along with the bilirubin numbers. His g-tube drainage has stayed the white-ish color with yellow/green bile thrown in every once in awhile. It just depends on the day. We did discuss with the doctor about the consistency of the colored bile that we're noticing, it's not liquidy but more 'chunks' and sludge like, which made the doctor wonder what his bili numbers may be and if the bile ducts are flowing properly. Truthfully, that was our concern initially when experiencing the drastic color change. It went from one extreme, large volumes of thick bile (upwards of 1000mls/day), to another of creamy white-ish "stuff" and at a reduced volume to boot. We were certainly not complaining about the reduced volume end of this...that was welcomed and ideal! At the time, after hearing from the medical professionals that they didn't know why our sons body carried out this big switcheroo, we eventually just went with the assumption that this finicky, delicate gut of his had decided to settle a bit since discontinuing enteral feeds weeks prior. But now seeing the sludge-like chunks of bile makes us wonder all over again....what exactly is going on in there! Round and round we go....

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  1. Oh i hope you can get to the bottom of it all! sounds very interesting. we get lots of bile over here, but not chunky white stuffs or what you are describing. keep us posted.