Monday, March 28, 2011

Field trips.

We took our ordinary home bound schooling days on the road Friday. Unlike a typical field trip to visit an educationally fun setting away from school, Wyatt (along with Jilly and I) took an equally educationally fun field trip to school.

The boy was excited to be back in the building, his eyes were twinkling, his smile bright and radiating joy. Jill was excited to be going to school, armed with a tote bag packed with activities to keep her busy. Watching her confidently strut through the school doors as if she owned the place confirmed my thinking that we don't need to worry about her starting school next year. That girl will be just fine!

As we first walked in, we were able to visit quickly with the nurse and chat with his beloved teacher from last year before making our way to the 2nd grade classroom. We were greeted by his current teacher who was very happy to see him and just as excited as we were that he was visiting for the afternoon. Wyatt parked and quickly unbuckled himself from his wheelchair, gathering all of his bags and attachments. He sat in the miniature school chair and pulled himself up to the desk with his name tag still taped neatly on the top. He hasn't been back to the school building since October, when he started on TPN (IV nutrition). It was an adjustment, initially, to be away from the school setting. Though, as I've mentioned in the past, he's been attending classes each week by video streaming via laptop and a very large, technologically advanced TV/camera set up in the classroom, which we are so thankful for. But having the ability to sit next to friends, able to reach out and touch them, talking, learning and laughing with them has been sorely missed.

The children in his class were in another part of the school for 'specials' at the time of our arrival. Jilly and I made a spot for ourselves at a table in the 'pod' area of the 2nd grade, just a few feet away from the classroom. His class walked around the corner, single file, and walked toward the classroom's open door. They quickly took notice and began to exclaim "Wyatt!!!" Many of them scurrying forward hugging him in their excitement. It was clear they were all pleasantly surprised to see him. And the smile he gave me as he looked out the door to see if I was watching was priceless. I couldn't hold back the tears...I was so happy for him. To see that smile.

Today, Monday, we snuck back into the school to finish the poster for the project that he was working on with his group. In addition to sharing his book, Wyatt's World, with his classmates. There were a total of 3 classes that attended this mini assembly of sorts...sitting nicely, legs criss crossed and listening carefully to each and every word that he read from his book. I wasn't sure he'd be comfortable sitting in front of the sizable group of children, reading his story loud enough for them to hear. But he did it, smiling and soaking it all up! Professionally answering questions after completing the reading, choosing one child at a time in amongst the gaggle of small hands raised in anticipation.

We hope to make these field trips to school a weekly habit now that the germ filled winter months are behind us. We may have to limit our visits to once or possibly twice a week, as they tire the boy out greatly. But he says it's all worth it...

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