Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Picture catch-up.

{The Cub Scouts partcipate in Pinewood Derby 2011}
The year of the fast moving and was finished at the last minute "iCar".
Maggie was looking forward to viewing. 
 His car won all 4 of its races! 
 1st place in his Den.
2nd place in the Cub Scout Pack.
 This boy was thrilled!


~*~Dance and Baton twirling competition~*~
  The first one. 
 Being glitterized. The more sparkle the better.
 Her twirling team was awarded 1st place in its division. 

Unfortunately, it's not allowed of parents to take pictures and or video of the actual performances. This is, apparently, very competitive and the threat of others copying the choreography is great. Who knew?! You'll just have to take my word that our girly (and the other 4 girls of her group) did great... and looked so glitteringly cute!

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