Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Back again.

Back in our trusty wing of the hospital. Wyatt was admitted to the floor today. Over the weekend we started seeing specks of blood throughout his g-tube drainage. Sunday evening there were clots and he's had increased pain. I called the GI office first thing Monday morning, relayed what we were seeing and waited for a return call from the doctor. Monday afternoon he started worrying me a bit with his pale face, more pain in his belly, legs and head. He wasn't looking good and I was just waiting for him to spike a temp. After not receiving a call back throughout the day yesterday, I called the office again first thing this morning. Within that phone call I found out that the nurse failed to forward the message to the doctor the day before. Nice. The doctor promptly called me back after getting this "new to her" message and quickly decided he needed to be admitted to figure out where the blood is coming from and to asses the situation.

The blood is not draining out in copious amounts or even measurable beyond counting each small clot, but the concern lies in the fact that it's there and it shouldn't be.

He never did spike the temperature that I was waiting for. He's been perky and happy since getting here, though still saying he hurts. We met with the doctors to go over their thoughts and the plan. They would like to do a scope (endoscopy/colonoscopy), however we're travelling to Boston to see Dr. F, the motility guru, first thing next week and they're concerned with putting Wy under anesthesia twice in one week. He has a history of anesthesia complications and, truthfully, with where he is at overall right now, we're even hesitant about the anesthesia to do the manometry testing next week. We plan to and have been encouraged to talk with Dr. F about this at our consultation on Monday morning.

While the doctors were examining Wyatt they noticed a heart murmur. This would be new, he does have bradycardia which is thought to be caused by his autonomic dysfunction, but no murmur. An EKG and echo have been ordered, abdominal x-rays to see if/make sure nothing is completely obstructed and a slew of blood work. His liver is also large, but we already expected and knew that to be the case.

The first line of defense is to start him on protonix through his central line (a drug to suppress the acid his stomach will make). During the last admission they stopped his prevacid and decided to swap it out with zantac injected into his TPN daily. This was in an effort to reduce the volume of meds he receives through his gut. Now, the initial thought, or wonder, is if by stopping the prevacid it may have irritated his stomach, which could be the cause of the bleeding. They won't really know without doing a scope, but we can start the protonix and see if it helps. If he starts putting out more blood or if anything changes then we'll go to the next plan.

* The doctor just poked her head in to tell us that one of the labs to test his blood clotting was abnormal and he'll be getting Vitamin K shots. We asked why his clotting factors were off and were told it's due to his liver disease.
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  1. Ugh. So sorry that you are back in again. At the very least I hope they can figure it all out and offer a reasonable plan to help some. Hang in there!


  2. Dear Ones,

    We are praying for wisdom from Above, from the good Lord who formed Wyatt, to be given to his Dr.s, med. team and to you.

    We are also praying that our dear Friend and Savior will evidence specific, loving kindnesses to you/Wyatt, showing His love and care.


    ~::~ ~::~ Quote of the Note ~::~ ~::~
    We cannot guide ourselves. ... But all help is near. Jesus is at hand to keep us by His mighty power. Let us lean on His supporting arm at every step... ~ Henry Law, in Family Devotion, 1878
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