Monday, January 17, 2011

A day in the life of an exceptional 8 year old...

On Friday afternoon we arrived at the Medical imaging area of the hospital, where Wyatt had an abdominal xray. We are certainly not new to this area of the hospital, he has had and continues to have numerous imaging tests looking for clues to what is happening inside this delicate body of his. Late Friday afternoon, upon arriving home, we received a call from his GI doctor. They found something in his large bowel, a large dilated loop, filled with air and showing that the intestinal wall was thickened. I asked what 'thickened' meant and was told it can mean swelling and or inflammation. The GI chose her words carefully and was clearly not happy that it was end of the day Friday, which would inhibit us from completing any testing until Monday. Prescriptions were quickly called in and antibiotics started, in case it's related to an infection. The doctor went back and forth on which test to order, an MRI or CT scan. Wyatt is typically sedated for this type of testing. At this time he's unable to be safely sedated as his medical status is too complex at the moment. It was decided a CT scan would be easier for's shorter in length and not as noisy or scary as an MRI. I promptly called medical imaging again and set up a CT scan for today, Monday, at 2:30pm. Bryan and I have talked to him and tried to prepare him. His nurse that was here this morning drawing labs and changing the dressing to his line explained to him what a CT scan is like. But he's nervous. Please say a prayer or think positive thoughts for him this afternoon, that he can get through this scan with as minimal fear and anxiety as possible. For a child that has been through as much as he has, he has an understandable anxiety about certain situations and such tests.
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