Friday, January 28, 2011

A boy and his bear.

Today was surgery day. 
The patient? Big Bear.
First things first, he needed his "silly juice", which was carefully given by the attending anestesiologist. 
It worked quickly and Big Bear became very silly. And then fell asleep.
 The first procedure was placing a G-tube. The GJ tube was preferred, however they're currently low on availability and we were forced to use what was on hand at the time of surgery. The request for green stitches was completed.
We quickly began to work on the second procedure that was needed; a central line. It was decided that he would have a PICC line. 
He tolerated the procedure well, but did need a little help keeping his oxygen saturations up to an acceptable level. He was put on a small amount of O2 via nasal cannula to give him a boost.
I'm happy to report that Big Bear did very well coming out of his light sedation and currently has minimal pain. He was attended to very intently by nurse Jilly. He's receiving extra fluids and his g-tube is draining, though we will be keeping an eye on the amount of stuffing he puts out through the day. 
He's receiving extra snuggles and his owner, the anestesiologist, is happy with the outcome.

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  1. I post on P2P some..just found your blog-love the bear,wonderful pictures!