Thursday, January 20, 2011


So here we sit in a very familiar room. Wyatt was admitted to the hospital this afternoon. He's ok, he's stable and feeling pretty good. In fact, he's currently sitting in his wheelchair sculpting play dough to its perfection, creating an amusement park on the tray, while enjoying the Disney channel. The doctors want to watch the amounts that are draining from his g-tube closely and come up with a plan to replace the fluids lost. He's been draining, on average, 800mls of bile per day. Some days more, some days slightly less. We've also talked about switching what medicines we can to IV form to alleviate the large volume and give his gut a full rest to heal.

Yesterday I received a call from our GI doctor saying she reviewed all of his past xrays and compared them to the most recent scans. She then reviewed them together with the radiologists until they were all in agreement with what was being seen. His small intestine is inflamed, swollen, the whole length of where the J-tube is lying. At first the talk was of pulling the J-tube and allowing the area to heal, however after discussing this course of action and having the concern of not being able to get his meds into him (and staying in) it was decided that wouldn't be the safest plan. There was also the risk of removing the tube and having the small intestine swell closed, as the J-tube is currently holding it open. So, right now the J-tube will stay right where it is. Dr. F, in Boston, was consulted and his opinion has been taken into account. The thought that we're hearing is to keep him as stable as possible so that we can get to Boston. There is a lot of hope going into this upcoming trip to Boston and Dr. F's wisdom.

At the moment, the plan is to re-wire a double lumen PICC line tomorrow afternoon, he currently only has a single lumen. The double lumen is needed to run fluids and or medications at the same time the TPN is least that's how I understand it. There has also been talk of possibly starting a new medication, octreotide, to help lessen the amount of output.

So, here we are in our good ol' trusty wing of the hospital. Waiting, watching and settling in for the evening.
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