Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mission Complete.

We awoke Christmas eve morning to our home feeling particularly chilly. It was shortly there after that we noticed that our heater had stopped working sometime through the night. This was the start to our Christmas holiday. After trying all that Bryan knew how and banging around the furnace we eventually decided, after placing a call to our service company and being told they would not be able to fit us in for the day, to turn off our water, drain our pipes and not think about this slight hurdle until Monday, after the holiday. It was Christmas, after all. I vowed to try my very best to not think of doctors, and now our heater, until after this very special time.

So, we packed our belongings and smallish hospital into our van, along with all the presents for the littles.

As they each placed their guesses of what desired present was beneath the wrapping papers we drove the miles to reach my Mother and Grandfather's home.

On the way to our next dear residence we were stopped by a herd of cattle making their way to their very own Christmas eve celebration, or maybe it was just dinner. But in this head of mine, I can picture those cattle celebrating, within their large herd, this very special day. Just as we were about to do. Maybe.

We spent the early evening with a portion of my family. Opening presents, enjoying each others company, playing with the new toys and games that were given.

After our joyful visit with family we fancied ourselves up and made our way to the Christmas Eve service at church.

Thankfully, the very tired and excited children were able to contain the rambunctious behavior that was about the explode from their every pore for the duration of the service. Following said service we darted back to Bryan's parents' home, where we would be staying for the weekend, to quickly ready ourselves for the night and hop into our beds. Hoping that we would be awoken by the sound of jingle bells and a jolly voice saying "Merry Christmas!"

Sadly, we were never awoken by the sounds of jingle bells or that jolly voice hollering out to wish us well. But the children did wake to stockings that were filled and presents that were very carefully placed for each of them.

But most special, laying gently next to the plate that held the cookie crumbs and the glass that contained the last bit of milk, they awoke to a letter that was kindly written to each of them, from Saint Nicholas.

And thus our Christmas morning began. Presents upon presents, each presented in festive wrap and adorned with ribbons and bows. "To: Maggie, Love: Santa" one would call out while handing the present to the loved one. "To: Wyatt, Love: Mommy and Daddy" another would holler. "To: ME!" Jilly would announce when finding a letter "J" on any one package.

Excitement and love flowed through the air as the packages were exchanged. 

"Love is what's in the room with you at Christmas, if you stop opening presents and listen." -- Unknown

We decided, as parents, to briefly unhook Wyatt from his attachments for this special occasion. He was happy to be 'free' to run about and rip open each and every present that was addressed to him, for a short while.

 "Happy Birthday, Jesus!"

Every year from the time that each of our children were born we've talked and did our best to teach them about Christmas. This year Jilly became particularly excited about the event that was Jesus' birth, his Birthday. She was rather insistent that we have cake to celebrate this day, just as we do her birthday. And we did just that. We lit candles, sang and celebrated this very special day of our Savior's birth.

We've been told,  "This is the best Christmas EVER".

Mission complete.

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