Sunday, November 28, 2010

Waiting and watching.

The tree is up, it is lit and the ornaments are hanging delicately from it's branches. We decorated the inside of our home yesterday evening after shopping briefly for a few new holiday decor items. The holidays have been in full swing here at our home. Wyatt, especially, was feeling the spirit and desperately wanted the house decorated this weekend. We couldn't say "no".

It hasn't been too long since I wrote, but it feels as if a lot has happened.

We learned that Wyatt is very possibly allergic to eggs. The blood test was slightly elevated and he did have a reaction to the skin test. So, for now he will avoid eggs (not that he eats, but he does occasionally 'chew and spit' for flavors). During that same appointment we learned that his immune system testing that we once were flippantly told was "fine", is actually not fine. We are re-doing those tests to make sure all is accurate.

At this moment, his liver enzymes and billirubin are elevated. And he has been turning shades of yellow while intermittently putting out iced tea colored urine for the last week. In all fairness, his skin and eyes were not yellow until Wednesday while we were already awaiting blood work to return from the lab to tell us what the iced tea colored urine was about. And we didn't hear from the on-call GI doctor about the results of said blood work until Friday evening. He started a medicine yesterday to help "flush" his liver. And we are now cautiously waiting out the weekend at home until he can get an ultrasound of his abdomen to see if there is anything to be seen. We have orders to immediately head to the ER if any changes are seen.

So, that is where we are. Watching, waiting and ready to pounce on the imaging scheduler first thing in the morning to schedule that ultrasound.
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