Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More time to wait.

I did indeed pounce upon the imaging scheduler yesterday morning at 8am sharp asking to schedule Wy's abdominal ultrasound as soon as possible. She gave me a time.....on Wednesday. I was slightly put off and told her that we were told that it was to be done today, Monday. My son is donning a hue of yellow, after all.

But, she was unable to help me. The order was not marked "stat", as she told me, and they have no time slots available until Wednesday.

I thanked her for her help and hung up to directly call the GI office. I left a message for the doctor and waited for my return phone call.

We had an appointment at 2:30 yesterday afternoon for an abdominal ultrasound. 

Is it horrible that I so badly wanted to call back to the scheduler just to say "Ha! I told you so!"...? I feel a little bad for feeling this way. But I can't deny, I thought about it.

We saw the doctor after the ultrasound. The good news is all necessary organs were seen and nestled in their respective positions. The not so good news is his liver is inflamed and enlarged (I think that goes hand in hand...but she used both terms). They drew a large amount of blood work for levels of various things and also looking for infections which can 'attack' the liver. We switched medicines that could have been contributing to the situation to alternatives. We had already planned to start trophic feeds after his scheduled tube change (tomorrow) and will continue with that plan. Trophic feeds are just a very small amount of formula put into his Jtube to keep the GI tract 'working' and prevent it from becoming 'lazy'. We're starting at 3ml's per hour and working up to 5ml's per hour of pedialyte. And if he tolerates it well, we will switch over to his formula, Elecare.

For reference, 5ml's equals a teaspoon of liquid, which will be dripped into his intestine over an hour. It is not for nutritional value as his nutrition will still come from the TPN, but it can (and we hope) help the GI tract (and liver) to keep functioning.

So, now we wait some more. Until the doctor calls us with the results of the blood work.

*pictures are from several months ago.
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