Sunday, October 10, 2010

We're moving in the right direction...

Yesterday after I updated the blog we took another trip to the Child Life Playroom. Upon entering through the doorway and 'washing' our hands Wyatt aimed himself directly for the air hockey table. While we were playing a riveting game of air hockey a group of students entered from the University of Delaware. Most of them carrying two pumpkins and others carrying bags of Halloween themed arts and crafts. We meandered in the direction of the pumpkins after watching them set up the table. Wyatt sat down and very carefully painted a pumpkin to it's perfection. Only later did we find out the design inspiration for his creative craft.

We then borrowed the games Battleship and Sorry from the play room game closet. And with the games and sticky painted pumpkin in Daddy's hands, his IV pole under control in my hands and Wyatt steering his wheelchair we made it back to his room.

Daddy and Wyatt played a fun game of Battleship and ended the game just as Dr. B, the neurologist, entered. We had an intricate conversation about Mitochondrial disease and what has been going on with the boy. He then asked Wyatt why his pumpkin looks mean and Wyatt said "He's mad because he has chicken pox on Halloween!" Well, there you have it. That would certainly upset me too!

A short time later Grandma and Grandpa arrived with the girls and we took another trip down to the Child Life play room. We had a grand time crafting Halloween themed door hangers and treat bags. By this time Wyatt was becoming very tired....he had a busy day and was moving about much more than he has been recently.

Once he got to sleep in the evening (which was no easy feat with a cranky, very particular, exhausted boy), he slept well and even slept in this morning later than he has been. He woke up smiling and feeling great again. We saw the GI resident and fellow already this morning, and they informed us that they needed to tweak the TPN a bit because of a high level that came back, but otherwise they are increasing the calories today to what they believe to be optimal for him. And then tomorrow we, hopefully, can start training how to prepare/use all the stuff that is new to us.

Today, we're on the hunt for more fun!
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  1. Oh i am so happy to hear that he is doing so well! He probably really needed this :) I hope that he gets to come home soon.

  2. So glad to read this. Sounds like you all ARE heading in the right direction. Chicken pox huh? Very creative!