Saturday, October 9, 2010

Seeing smiles again....

Last evening, at 8pm, Wyatt was started on TPN (IV nutrition) through the newly placed PICC line. He's much more comfortable and back to his smiling and laughing self. He has times that he's uncomfortable, but they are only occassionally and he is not nearly as uncomfortable as he was. Bryan and I have both commented on how refreshing it's been seeing him smile and hearing him laugh again. We haven't seen "happy Wyatt" for awhile....we love seeing happy Wyatt!

Right now he's looking through the DisneyWorld book for Kids and telling Daddy to put certain rides on the list of things he wants to do/see when we visit. If you don't know, Wyatt loves anything about DisneyWorld. He's had an obsession with the place for many years. He's thoroughly fascinated and enthralled with the Magic that is Disney!

While they were placing the PICC line the Child Life specialist stayed with him while we were asked to wait in the waiting room because of it being a sterile procedure. They had numbed the skin with Emla cream and also gave him versed to help him get through the procedure. They were thinking he would fall asleep. But instead, the Child Life specialist (who is absolutely WONDERFUL!) told us afterward that he talked about Disney World the whole time. That's our boy!

Did you know Wyatt wants to be a roller coaster designer when he grows up? But he says he will have other people test them because he doesn't like riding them. ;-)

The girls are having fun spending time with the grandparents while we are here. Earlier this week I had emailed Maggie's teacher about Wyatt being in the hospital. To just let her know that if Maggie seemed distracted or out of sorts, that may be why. Well, her teacher had a talk with Mag's and said if she wanted to talk or needed to step out of the room or get a drink, to just let her know. Anything that Maggie needed she would be there. It was really nice of her teacher and when I was talking with Maggie that evening she commented to me "I don't think she knew this wasn't the first time he has been in the hospital!" She sounded a bit confused as to why her teacher would think she'd be that upset about it. Yep, that's our girl, this is our life.

We just talked to the weekend GI team and the plan for today is to optimize his TPN with the nutrition/calories/electrolytes that his body needs. And once everything is where it needs to be then they will start training us on how to do it at home. Discharge date sometime next week if all goes as planned. Cross your fingers, say a prayer and think good thoughts that this plan doesn't change on us!
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  1. Though it really sucks that he needs to be on TPN, i'm so glad that it is making him feel better and that he is happy! I hope all goes well with the nutrition plan and that he can come home next week! And continue to thrive and be happy.