Thursday, October 21, 2010

Never a dull moment...

Tuesday morning we awoke to the boy in his bed sitting in a large puddle of TPN. After a few groans and "What in the world?!?'s" were expressed we began assessing the situation and finding exactly where things were leaking. We quickly began the process of un-hooking him from all the wires and tubes that were extending from his body. We paused the pump and after what seemed like a long while of grunting and applying brute force while twisting, we were able to loosen the end cap of the IV tubing. The large amount of dextrose that is added to his TPN acts much like a glue when it finds it's way into the threads of the tubing and then dries! We swabbed and began flushing his line and watched as most of the saline dripped onto the paper towel laying beneath his arm than actually flushing through the line. We found the leak. We called the nursing company and after a process of elimination it was determined the nurse must come and take a look himself. We promptly received a phone call and our nurses voice on the other end of the line saying "I'm on my way".

He arrived and determined that it was indeed a crack in the line itself. How?!? That's the question of the week. He went to bed with a perfectly working and non-leaking line and woke up with it cracked. We secure the IV tubing onto his arm to avoid pulling on the PICC line directly...the tape and tubing was exactly where I positioned it at bedtime. It's a mystery...

We put a call into the doctor and the doctor said "No more jumping on the bed!"  'We need to get fluids/sugar into him until I figure out when we can get the line repaired or changed.' So, we had to resort to a very slow drip of pedialyte and the Jtube. They got him on the schedule the next day, Wednesday, at 11am for a new PICC (or re-wire, if possible). We decided to at least try to tough it out at home with the pedialyte and Jtube until the next day. Even though it was sub-optimal hydtration, the doctor understood our wanting to try to stay home. But in the end Wyatt lasted until 1pm and he was asking to go to the hospital for an IV because he was hurting so much. We tried working with the magic of distraction until 2:30, when he was really miserable and repeatedly asking to go. So, we admitted defeat and called the GI doctor who started the admission paperwork and told us to come in.

 They eventually started fluids through a peripheral IV (and he was able to stop them through the Jtube) and he received a new PICC line in his left arm (the previous was in his right) the next day. We were able to come home yesterday afternoon. A quick trip!

What I didn't mention....after figuring out the PICC leak early Tuesday morning, Bryan decided to try to get a few hours of work in while we waited for the doctors to call. He left and a short while later I received a phone call. His car broke down and he was waiting for a tow truck on the side of the road. "Seriously?!?"...yes, he was very serious. We got our jackets on and went to pick up Daddy. Tuesday was not a good day for us!

But Wednesday was much better! Wyatt got the new PICC line placed, discharge home was quick and it was Bryan's BIRTHDAY!                    

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  1. Ah how crazy! Unfortunately, i hear when you get on TPN, expect many many more hospital stays for situations such as this! Hopefully the new PICC line will be in for longer.

    Happy Birthday to Bryan