Thursday, October 7, 2010

In the hospital

Wyatt was admitted to the hospital yesterday. He's being looked over and worked up to get a plan in place. It looks like we may be taking that trip to Boston to see the GI motility specialist earlier than we thought. Things are in motion and our GI doctor here is doing what's needed to get us there. In the mean time he needs adequate nutrition. There is a bit of a power struggle happening between a few of Wyatt's regular doctors who all agree with one way of treating him and the doctor who is actually doing rounds on the inpatient floor, who we have not met before yesterday. It's proving to be incredibly frustrating!

I will update when I know of the solid plan that all agree with and what will take place. Right now even the plans that they are telling us are randomly changing without notice to us.
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  1. Aw man i hope the docs can put their heads together and come up with a solution for Wyatt.

  2. OH no, sorry he's inpatient. I hope you have some answers soo, hug to Wyatt--
    Heidi & Jack.