Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Busy Bunch

It's a wet morning. The air is thick, warm and heavy in our small part of the world today.

I'm currently awaiting a return call from the substitute IEP coordinator for Wyatt. We've been doing a lot of thinking about school and what's going to work best for our boy right now. He's been having his usual one on one instruction at our house two days a week, but we're still working out the rest of the school week. If he returns to the school setting he must have a 1:1 nurse with him. Which will be up to the school to provide, from what I'm being told. Our other option is to have him go homebound full time for the time being. One big factor is the district and what they are willing and able to provide him. I hope that putting our minds together during the IEP meeting will result with a plan that we're all content with.

Ultimately, we're happy when Wyatt his happy and well cared for. I trust (or try to) that one way or the other that will all come together. I have faith that we'll know what to do when the time comes. 

In the mean time we are a busy bunch! This week is packed full for us and Halloween is quickly approaching. With our Halloween there are always pumpkins to be decorated, parties to enjoy, costumes to disquise, large amounts of candy to be consumed, sticky hands needing wiped and lots of festive fun to be had!

Jilliana started baton twirling classes in the beginning of October and her group will be participating in the towns Halloween parade tomorrow evening. She's very excited and we're all looking forward to watching her perform the choreographed routine and seeing her strut her little stuff! The little ones (3-5 years old) will be twirling their performance batons with lights placed in the ends, while we've been told some of the big girls will be twirling FIRE. Yikes!

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  1. Oh Jilliana is so cute!

    So sorry that you are having issues with school. i can imagine that it must be difficult to make educational decisions for Wyatt with all that is going on with him medically. you want to keep him safe, but you also want him to socialize and have a normal education. I hope that you will find good decisions for him and that you all can find happiness in them :)