Friday, October 15, 2010

Another normal...

We're adjusting to our "new normal" once again. Though, this one has been the hardest for me to adjust to yet. It's safe to say that the PICC line and infections make me want to sanitize EVERYTHING. The nerves I feel when needing to hook/unhook him from the line are abundant. I get hung up on the possibility of contaminating the line in one way or the other, even though we've been taught the steps of how to safely do it. I've been scrubbing my house in an effort to get it as clean as possible. I realize my scrubbing efforts may not ward off potential infections, but it does make me feel better. And, the side effect is that I get an extra clean house. I've also been on an organizing streak trying to get all the new medical supplies organized and in their own little spots. There has been so much to learn, so much to do...

But Wyatt has been feeling fantastic! It's amazing to us, really. The last 2 days we've been able to keep the drainage bag un-hooked from his G-tube even. I don't know what that specifically means, except that he's feeling great and nothing is bothering him in that fickle GI tract of his. Right now he is getting TPN 24 hours a day. I'm unclear of the plan from here on out, the discharging GI team was leaving that up to his regular GI doctor who I am supposed to touch base with via phone next week. Though, yesterday I did talk with the scheduler from Dr. F's office. Dr. F is the GI doctor in Boston, Mass. Wyatt is on their cancellation list right now as the doctor is booked until December 30th. They will open the January-February 2011 schedule in the middle of November. And if we are still waiting on the cancellation list at that time she will call us to schedule the appointment for the beginning of the new year. I'm going to take a guess that not many people cancel appointments with Dr. F, but you never know.

In the mean time, we've started thinking about and working on getting Wyatt back to school again. I have emails into the special education director and the nurse about attending school while having a PICC line w/ TPN running. There was some uncertainty of him needing a 1:1 nurse because of that.

The girls are doing very well, too. We met with Maggie's teacher on Wednesday evening for parent/teacher conferences. She's doing great in school. She currently reads 151 words per minute...the highest in her class. Her teacher told us they like the 3rd graders to be reading 110wpm by the end of the school year, so there is no worry in that area for her. Overall, the teacher was very happy with how she was doing and didn't have any concerns. I love hearing that! Jilly is thoroughly enjoying Wyatt being home. They have been spending large portions of the day playing together with playdough and various playdough sets that we found when re-organizing. My floor is proof of this with little pieces of playdough scattered about. Playdough is an ageless and therapeutic activity for this household. I love it just as much as the kids, I do believe.

A shout out and very big "Thank you!" to the Grandpa's this week....
On Monday as the hospital staff was scurrying around to get us set up for discharge, the Grandpa's were ripping out the floor of our downstairs bathroom. We've had a worsening sag in the middle of the floor since the spring and the bathroom was "out of order" as it was in the beginning stages of Bryan's repair. We needed that bathroom to be fixed ASAP and the Grandpa's dove right in, after contemplating exactly how they would need to do it. After a few days of labor the downstairs bathroom has the sturdiest floor EVER....and it's pretty too!

A very big, appreciative "Thank you" to the Grandma's for helping with the house and kids, as well. We couldn't do this without you.
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  1. You have wonderful Grandpas!!!!

    I'm so happy that Wyatt is feeling well. It's about time he starts to feel good. About the school thing, I would say that a nurse isn't a bad idea. If something were to go wrong, you don't want just anybody handling his line. I know a few people who only let one or two people even touch the line at all, whether to hook/unhook or change dressings. I'm sure you know, but the more people who mess with it, the greater chance for infection.

    And your little girl is so smart!