Sunday, September 26, 2010

A week in review

The weather is changing and it's just beginning to feel like Autumn in our small, rural part of the country. I thoroughly enjoy the changing of all the seasons. Watching the horse drawn farm equipment harvesting the crops, the transient change of colors on the leaves before they float effortlessly to the ground and the delightful seasonal events which create cherished family memories each and every year. The seasonal change from a blazing hot summer to the crispness of the Autumn air can be so refreshing to ones spirit.

Since I last updated, I have spoken with the urology clinic regarding the lost paperwork that was so vital to deciding the next step in Wyatt's care for that specialty. We talked things through and we were asked to recall what was recorded and noted in the paperwork the best that we were able, instead of starting over, which I was thankful for. The doctor decided he wants to move forward and schedule a more invasive test to determine if there needs to be more aggressive treatment to keep his urological system 'safe.' We have the option to do the test sedated or unsedated. He needs to be sedated. There is no doubt in my mind...we can not put him through another procedure such as this without being sedated. It's pretty simple, I will not let it happen. The problem lies in the sedation. The last two times he's been sedated he has had complications. Is that because of the stress that the anesthesia had on his body? Maybe. The stress of the procedures themselves on his body? Maybe. Or a mixture of both? Maybe. Fact is, we don't know. And we're weary to put him through another sedation, unless the benefits outweigh the risks. So, we were urged to call the neurologist to ask if the sedation would be safe, or if we should  try to move forward with treatment without the results that this test would provide. Yes, this is the same neurologist that has not called us back for 6 weeks to discuss the results of the testing that Wyatt had in Atlanta. It's safe to say I'm certainly not optimistic that I will ever receive a phone call back at this point in time. But I did my motherly duty and called early in the day Friday to leave him a message regarding the test and sedation. I'm not holding my breath....

This week was another tough one. Wyatt still hasn't bounced back like we were hoping and in fact was sick already again. He attended school on Friday, but has been struggling more (again) since then. His legs are hurting him a lot, his belly is continuously uncomfortable even while draining and he's just tired. But he doesn't want to miss a thing, which makes it hard.

To start off the weekend we were able to enjoy our community's homecoming parade that was held right in the middle of our little town.

I didn't take many pictures, but will share this one that I snapped of Jill enjoying the abundance of emergency vehicles with their loud sirens and brightly flashing lights. Wyatt had great fun seeing all his friends and teachers as he was strolling the parade route with his cub scout pack. 

The next day we accomplished a rather considerable feat. A great birthday surprise, for an even greater girl, that included weeks of planning and heavy lifting. Maggie was given the gift of a piano (and lessons) for her upcoming birthday! A completely exciting surprise to her.

All of us have been "tickling the ivories" consistently since the piano arriving into our home. It's exciting for Bryan and I to see the kids so excited about music, as we were both greatly involved in different parts of music during our school years, including college. All we need is a vibrant multi-colored bus, a la the partridge family.

*A special thanks to our family for helping get the piano to and into our house.

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