Thursday, September 9, 2010

The first week, seriously.

The first week of school went pretty well. It was pretty uneventful as a whole....and then we got sick.

Seriously. The first week.

This does not bode well for the rest of the year!

Not good, I tell ya. Not good!

Jilly came down with some sort of 24hr stomach thingamabob. And then Maggie started the first cold of the season. Which quickly spread to each and every one of us, naturally.

Maybe I didn't stock up on enough Clorox wipes yet? I'm now out of my stock, by the way! Or I regretfully forgot my germ fighting skills from the end of last school year? I suppose I should start making everyone hand sanitize upon entry of my home again!

Whatever the reasoning, I'm now sick, they were all sick. Blah!

Otherwise, things are pretty low key here at the moment. I'm STILL waiting for a phone call from the neuro about the results of the muscle biopsy and subsequent testing. Oh, yes. I called again on Tuesday. It's been the 3rd, maybe even the 4th, phone call to him now and if I don't hear from him soon I'm about to walk into his office, with the 61 pages of testing results in hand, and wait until he will talk to us!

At least I do enjoy talking to his lovely assistant each and every time I call, she's always so helpful and understanding. I really appreciate her demeanor (especially after just dealing with one of our Home Health Care companies and their incredibly rude personnel)!

On the agenda for today is sneezing, cleaning, coughing...and repeat. Lots of fun to be had here! Although, I can't complain too much, I at least feel better than I did yesterday. It's progress!
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