Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A day to remember

This past weekend we visited our local "feed and supply" store for their annual "Furry Friends Field Day". This is always a fun filled event that consists of carnival games, the local travelling zoo, pony rides, door prizes and a large variety of animal rescue groups showing off their animals along with spreading awareness (and taking donations, of course).

There were sweet, itty bitty puppies and lovable dogs of many breeds.

I do believe the kids' favorite rescue area was the large parrot rescue. The birds were beautiful, gentle and big! They allowed each of the girls to hold the different breeds. And a very thoughtful gentleman brought out a large parrot for Wyatt to hold as he and I waited for his sisters. His wheelchair couldn't easily fit where the birds were and he was feeling anxious with the crowd of people around. It was very sweet of the man and we were very appreciative.

The parrot, I believe his name was Joey, danced while perched on his arm and was very interested in Wyatt.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get pictures of the girls holding their new found friends.

After we used up all the tickets at each and every carnival game setup and played, pet, ooohh'd and ahhh'd over every sweet furry and feathery creature, we departed from the Furry Friends Field Day to be able to attend the soapbox derby races that our town was hosting. Little did we know, Wyatt and Bryan would join in the races themselves!

Two happy boys, right there.

We were approached and told that a few select people had made an adapted derby car. They asked if Wyatt would like to take a turn down the track. He was stoked! And I do believe Bryan was pretty excited, himself, as the car was adapted to accommodate a second rider/driver.

Wyatt loved every second. The girls and I enjoyed cheering them on from the sidewalk and I couldn't help but get a little emotional watching both my boys' big smiles coming down the hill in their stylin' derby car.

The days can be hard with the discomfort and pain that Wyatt feels everyday. He still smiles, we smile, we've learned and adapted to our "normal", but we know our normal is very different than that of other families. This day, this afternoon, seemed "normal", or at least it felt close to what a family and boy would be doing on a Saturday afternoon. It felt so good to see him smiling the whole way down the race track. It felt so good to hear the girls cheering him on from the sidelines and seeing their happiness for their brother.
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