Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Awareness week

This week is Mitochondrial Disease awareness week. 

Several years ago I had never heard the words "Mitochondrial disease". I was not aware. Are you?

"Every 30 minutes, a child is born who will develop a mitochondrial disease by age 10.  Each year, 1000 to 4000 children in the United states are born with a mitochondrial disease.   While exact numbers of children and adults suffering from mitochondrial disease are hard to determine because so many people who suffer from mitochondrial disease are frequently misdiagnosed, we now know the disease is approaching the frequency of childhood cancers.  Many are misdiagnosed with atypical cerebral palsy, various seizure disorders, childhood diseases and diseases of aging.  Still others aren't diagnosed until after death. " - www.umdf.org -

There is currently no cure. But being aware, raising awareness, could bring us one step closer.

I hope.

From the Vote4Hope website.....
"This year Pepsi is giving away millions of dollars to fund good ideas that make the world a better place. We have a good idea that will dramatically help millions of children affected by rare disease, and we can win a grant that will allow us to fund this important effort! Fund Hope For Sick Kids – it’s as easy as a click of a button everyday in the month of Sept. Make A Difference – Vote Today!"

Will you hope with us?
 Please click the button and vote today, and every day left in September!
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