Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tube changes = no fun

Wyatt had his GJ tube changed today. Blah!

It's a dreaded day in our home.

Tube changes are not fun. They couldn't be considered easy by any means (in this family)....anything but easy.

Tube changes create a lot of anxiety for Wyatt. I can recall the exact instance that created this anxiety issue....and if I could erase the past and do it all over again, I would in a heart beat.

But the good news is our boy was able to go through the tube change without sedation.

::insert the cheering and clapping::

And while the beginning was really scary for him and quite heartbreaking for us parents (and a tad frustrating....as the change is not nearly as painful as he thinks and expects it to be), the last few minutes of it he was able to take deep breaths and calm himself down from the screaming frenzy that he worked himself into. That's progress! I'll take it.....and now have a renewed hope that one day, with time and more tube changes, his anxiety will lessen. And maybe, just maybe, he'll realize that they aren't all painful like that one experience with a nurse practitioner who no longer works at the hospital (and thankfully so)!  

After getting the sparkling new tube a stop at the gift shop was in order (for sure)!  I do believe our time wandering around the gift shop took longer than the actual tube change itself. 

We are now counting down the hours, minutes and seconds until we pick Maggie up from camp in the morning!

Ahhhh! We're all so excited to see her and hear about her time at camp!
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