Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer camp

We eagerly gathered and purchased the items on the needed list. I marked each and every item with initials or name and carefully packed the duffle bag and backpack, taking extra care to be sure that everything was in it's place and accounted for.

We loaded the belongings in the van and started the drive to our destination, where we anxiously dropped my big kid off at her first summer camp experience.

She was counting down the days from the time we registered her. She was nervously counting down the hours until we needed to leave our home to get to camp within the allotted drop off time frame. She was on the verge of tears during the hour long car ride. We were greeted by a young counselor by the name of Karla, who led us through the cabin to a room that was plentifully filled with stripped down bunk beds. She turned around and was just as she had pictured in her mind. She picked a bottom bunk, set her duffle bag between the adjacent bed and laid out her sleeping bag onto the mattress. We each gave her one last hug for now, another kiss and assured her we'd miss her. And we then loaded the remaining family back into our van and drove home, leaving Maggie behind with her fellow campers to enjoy her first summer camp adventure.

I hope she makes friends.
I hope she has a wonderfully memorable time!
I hope she's not scared or missing home too much.

*I hope she knows we can't wait to hear all about it!*
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