Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Things have been slow moving for Wyatt for the past couple of weeks. 

The heat has been bothering him more and more...and I'm not referring to 'extreme' temperatures. Usually we could beat the heat issue by playing outside at dusk or first thing in the morning, but now even those times of the day are showing to be too much for his body. He begins running 101-103 temperatures, his body pours sweat off of him, his skin turns red and or he goes pale, he hurts, his stomach tends to drain out quite a bit more with twice the amount of force as his certainly puts a damper on the fun. There are times only a few minutes cause this reaction in him.

His arms and legs are "feeling funny", falling "asleep" and causing more pain quicker these days, as well. 

It sucks! That's the only words I have to describe it anymore. 

With the school year quickly approaching, I'm becoming increasingly anxious about how we're going to explain everything to his team of teachers, so that they're able to help him while at school. He wants so badly to just play and have a great time that he will push himself so far that his body takes days to recover. It's hard for me to explain to someone else when I, myself, feel as if we're always winging it with each curve ball that his body throws at us and we're just needing to keep trying different things to see what will help the situation most. It then gets trickier with the child who would rather not tell anyone (other than us parents) how he's really, truly feeling, especially with the risk of drawing attention to himself and or the possibility of having to miss out on what his friends are doing. But, as we have learned over the years with said child...ignoring one problem for as long as possible only leads to a bigger problem, or even several more.

Where do I start? How do I start? A typed overview...a chart...a picture tutorial....a PowerPoint presentation?


Don't be mistaken with my little pity party here. We're finding fun indoor activities to avoid the repercussions of being in the heat and we're making the best of it. He's still the same smiling boy when he's feeling's just becoming increasingly tricky to get there.
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  1. Poor kiddo. I understand and deal with this as well with Jack. He doesnt like to be "different" so he holds it all in. Im always telling him to say something if he doesnt feel well or is too tired to complete something. He pushes himself too much and it leads to missed school days because he's too exhausted or it causes those mini crashes that take days to recover from. Its hard.

    As Jack gets older he's starting to notice more and more that he is different and not as strong as the other boys--or girls for that matter. I have many difficult conversations ahead of me that make me anxious about. How do I tell him he has a disease--he really doesnt understand right now and Im too afraid to tell him too much at this time. One day at a time. I just hope he's able to understand he has to pace himself and stop to take care not to push so hard this year and not to worry what others think.

    I pray the new school year goes smoothly for Wyatt. HUGS to your littleones tonight-
    Heidi & Jack.